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clinica photorajeunissement

Photorejuvenation improves the appearance of skin suffering from Rosacea, pigment spots, fine lines, sun-related skin damage, small acne scars, and dark circles by refining skin’s texture and tightening pores.
Photorejuvenation is done using “Intense pulsed light” (IPL), a non-invasive method that doesn’t destabilise the skin’s surface.

Photorejuvenation treats several skin problems at once:

  • > capillaries
  • > pigmentation
  • > ageing spots


A real "breath of youthfulness"

Photorejuvenation fights photoaging of skin that has caused it to become dull, develop dark spots, fine lines, cause unwanted hair-growth, and unsightly veins. When your skin’s regeneration has slowed, this is like giving it a "breath of youthfulness". With each session, your skin becomes softer, lighter, more transparent, and brighter. Your skin tone becomes more even, fine lines and dark circles are reduced. The benefits continue with each treatment – a real “breath of youthfulness”!


Number of sessions

4 to 6 sessions, with results by the 3rd session. A few additional sessions are needed each year.


What to expect during a session

A session lasts about 30 minutes. We remove your makeup, clean your skin, and apply a gel. You’ll feel slight tingling during the treatment. We then remove the gel and apply an anti-solar cream.


Photorejuvenation compared to other types of treatment

In the long term, no other technology provides the toning effect of photorejuvenation.



Information and Appointment

For more information or to schedule a personalized appointment, our advisors are here to receive and respond to you :

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Telephone : 01 45 51 10 00
From Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 19h00

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