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Cellulitis Treatment



clinica cellulite

ALMA LASERS Accent system is the ONLY one on the market that offers two types of radiofrequency technology: Unipolar and Bipolar.
This unique technology heats the tissue volumetrically and is controlled at two different depths.

Bipolar technology penetrates 2 to 6 mm into the tissue, allowing for superficial and structural change.
Unipolar technology penetrates up to 20 mm into the tissue to reach cellulite and adipose tissue.

This double-sided technology improves localised circulation in a therapeutic way, helping with the decomposition of fibrous tissues and handling the sensible edema zones by encouraging retained liquid and toxins to reabsorb and drain.

Heating at these depths improves localized circulation in a therapeutic way, helping with the decomposition of fibrous tissues, improving the disintegration of adipose tissue, mobilizing fat deposits in a non-invasive way, and allowing for the handling of edema zones by encouraging liquid reabsorption and draining.

These treatments create notable change without invasive surgery or anesthesia for optimal comfort and skin protection:

  • > Cellulitis treatment
  • > Skin tightening
  • > Complete body modelling
  • > Volumetric dermal therapy
  • > Post liposuction smoothing
  • > Lipoma treatment




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