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Skin Ageing



viellissement cutane


In aesthetic medicine, peels and injections tighten skin on the face. AHA and TCA peels eliminate dead skin cells. The body makes new skin, and in a few days, you look like you have ‘new skin’. There are three categories of peels: light, medium, and deep. Light peels: TCA peels are performed by a doctor if the concentration is higher than 30%. Medium peels: TCA peels are performed only by a doctor. Elimination (peeling) is proportional to the peel’s concentration. Deep peel: Phenol peels are only performed at the clinic as the treatment is traumatising (such as dermabrasion).

Fine lines, pregnancy masks, smoker’s skin tones, pigment spots, little spots on the neckline, these inconveniences experienced by young women can be removed by a light peel. Four to six sessions and a cream to apply at home will make your skin look like new. Some deeper wrinkles and pigment spots need a medium peel, which will cause some unpleasant peeling. The doctor is attentive, spots can appear on dark skin. Since 1992, results have been impressive, but constraints are still linked to postoperative care: hospitalisation, healing with an antiseptic, and results after six months for a deep peel. For those over 45, skin damaged by the sun requires phenol.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing, also called mechanical peel, photo fractional thermolysis, or the Fraxel laser as part of the group of ablative lasers. The Fraxel laser is as effective as the CO² laser without the inconveniences of classic ablative lasers, and also allows you to take up social activity immediately without risking skin depigmentation or poor healing accompanied by oozing. The treated area appears lightly tanned. The treatment can be used on wrinkles, ageing spots, melisma, and brown spots. The Fraxel laser can be used on all phototypes, including Asian skin, highly pigmented skin, and contrary to the CO² laser, extra-facial zones such as the neck, upper chest, and hands. Treatment with the Fraxel laser allows for extremely fast healing, without the visible dermabrasion effects that occurred with the previous generation of lasers. In 4 to 5 sessions spaced two weeks apart, we can treat the skin in its entirety, effectiveness is similar to that of a CO² laser, and many people prefer the advantages of the Fraxel laser:

> Well tolerated
> Can be used on all skin types
> No depigmentation risks
> Less pain with an anesthetic ointment
> Very fast healing
> No infections or oozing
> Possible to treat extra-facial zones
> No interference with social activities
> You can shave or put on makeup as early as the next day

Filling Wrinkles (Injections)

Botox, Vistabel (ALLERGAN pharmaceuticals)
Hyaluronic Acid (TEOSYAL by TEOXANE pharmaceuticals)



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